Golden Community

Golden Colorado lies along Clear Creek at the edge of the foothills of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

The population is approximately 19,035.

Golden has three residential Historic Districts: the 12th Street District just west of downtown, the 8th and 9th Street Historic District on the north side of Clear Creek, and the East Street District southeast of downtown.

Coors, founded by Adolph Coors in 1873, is a major employer in the area.

The historic buildings have been preserved in downtown Golden, while the streets and sidewalks have been enhanced with planters, trees and benches.  Residents and visitors alike gather downtown for shopping, dining or just visiting.

Golden is also home to the renowned engineering college, the Colorado School of Mines.

There are activities for all ages in and around Golden with skiing slopes as close as 45 minutes.

There is also easy access to the major highways that will take you to downtown Denver, Mountain towns or Casinos.

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